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1. Design for the smallest screen first.

Any design choice you make in the interest of engaging a mobile reader will look great on a large screen, too. The mobile experience is all about letting your content shine, so adjust the header height to 50-100 pixels, and make text and image decisions that enhance the experience for your mobile audience. Don't forget to give your content breathing room. Extra line breaks, dividers and alternating background colors distinguish messages in your email no matter where it's viewed.

3. Plan for responsive design.

In the mobile inbox, the order of your email's content is just as important as what you're saying. With a responsive email template, the thinking is baked in for you, but you should be aware of the logic and map your content so the hierarchy makes sense even if it's reorganized for a smaller screen.

Responsive templates in Be Digital will reorganize your content into a single column. Images arranged horizontally within a column will stack vertically and center align, and layouts with multiple columns will stack left to right. If you've included an important headline or call to action in your trusty right sidebar, it won't get the spotlight on a mobile device, so consider moving it to the left.

4. Finish the thought in the box.

Traditionally, email marketing is about driving your audience to another web property — like your website, blog, or online shop — to engage with your content and maybe even buy your product. But in the world of mobile, slow load times, short attention spans and landing pages not optimized for small screens are all at play. So while click-throughs are still an opportunity to engage readers further, they put you more at risk of losing them entirely.

That's why it's smart to provide value right inside your email rather than simply entice readers to click through for some kind of pay-off: Share deal details in the email promo, and include more images and copy in your newsletter if it helps support your story. It may seem counter-intuitive, but not all mobile users are on-the-go. In fact, mobile usage peaks during breakfast and commutes to and from work , and more than 39% of us use our smart phones while we're unwinding in front of the TV .

5. Encourage mobile-optimized next steps.

Email often drives your subscribers to do something else: make a purchase, visit a website or watch a video. Make sure the place you're driving them to is also mobile-friendly. If you aren't linking to sites automatically optimized for mobile, at least make sure you're sending readers to a page that's easy to navigate on a small screen.

The mobile environment has its own unique interaction with native phone, mail, maps and calendar apps, so take advantage of them in your email campaigns: Include a phone number for one-click calling, and format street addresses and dates so when clicked, they launch driving directions or a new appointment. These actions are optimized for mobile already, so they're a no-brainer.

You can upload audio files, images, pdfs and calendar items to your Be Digital document library and create download links in your email campaigns. These files open smoothly on mobile devices, and best of all, you can track the clicks in your account.